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Streamline Credit Union operations with Intelligent member record management and Credit Union business process automation

CU Vault is an intelligent information management and business process automation solution designed specifically for Credit Unions. CU Vault supports Credit Unions ever increasing compliance obligations and drives the Credit Union’s digital transformation.

Supporting Compliance

CU Vault provides a centralised system and approach for classifying and storing member records and for maintaining version control. It also automates workflows; integrates with core banking systems to reduce data silos; and provides security by limiting access to only authorised individuals. It also provides a full audit trail of document access, versioning, and approvals that Credit Unions need to maintain quality and prove compliance. Most importantly, CU Vault drives daily compliance processes such as record retention management and alerts key personnel about tasks that require attention.

Driving Efficiency

When it comes to managing vast amounts of information Credit Unions simply cannot operate at maximum efficiency without the ability to easily search, share and protect their critical records and documents. CU Vault automates operational workflows like loan applications or new membership applications. That means you can ensure consistency while CU Vault verifies that every step in your business process is followed. Utilising CU Vault to automate front and back-end Credit Union processes ultimately has a positive effect on the member experience. When employees have fast access the right member-related information, issues can be resolved expeditiously and member satisfaction improves.

CU Vault – Automating Loan Approval Processes

CU Vault integrates with your existing financial system and provides:

Paperless applications in branch and remotely with optional digital signatures
Automated monitoring, escalation and
Automated routing of applications to relevant team members for action and approval
Powerful Management reporting of all applications across branches by status and process stage
All related loan documents (i.e. application, emails, payslips, ID’s etc.) on your desktop or mobile device
Automated retention management to meet GDPR and central bank requirements.

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