Excitech Docs

The Document Management Solution for the Construction Industry

What is Excitech DOCS?

Document and Drawing Management Solution for Architects, Engineers and Design Professionals in the Construction Sector.

For many design, BIM and IT professionals in the construction sector, there are several complications and frustrations in their day-to-day efforts to get work done at a profit, prevent unnecessary risk, and adhere to the standards imposed on their business.

Excitech DOCS is a robust document and drawing management solution specifically tailored to help professionals in the construction sector tackle these issues and move beyond Windows folders. It has been designed to help with the generation of design documentation and managing them from concept through to publishing.

BIM Level 2 Accreditation Made Simple

Naming files in accordance with BS 1192 and ISO 19650 is not an easy task. Excitech DOCS, allows you to maintain compliance with minimal effort by automatically assigning revisions and suitability codes in accordance with the standards.

The workflows and approvals in Excitech DOCS ensure that work is checked at the
right stage and that staff don’t need to know the process; it’s presented to them.

Key Features

  • Unique integration with Autodesk AutoCAD & Autodesk Revit
  • Dynamo integration allows the automation of almost any operation in Dynamo
  • Provides consistency and compliance in relation to your own company standards or those imposed by a project eg (ISO 19650, BS 1192 naming & workflows)
  • Efficient email management
  • Automatically updates transmittals and X-refs
  • Ability to upload documents and their metadata to a number of extranets including Asite/Adoddle, Autodesk’s BIM 360 and more
  • Printing from Revit
  • Provides central and mobile access to documents from one environment
  • Effective, day-to-day revision control
  • Auditable review and approval processes
  • Out-of-the-box functionality yet adaptable to meet your business needs


File Naming

Revision Control







Additional Features:

• Out-of-the-box support for BS 1192 and ISO 19650, yet adaptable to meet any naming convention or workflow
• Integrates with third party products including ESRI, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and many more
• Always presents users with the latest version of every file with the ability to roll-back to previous versions if required
• Easily create project templates which automatically populate title blocks and Microsoft Office documents with revision numbers, suitability codes, contact details, file names and more
• View, approve and mark-up from any device, with the option to mark-up on paper and add back in digitally
via a mobile or tablet camera
• Assigns access based on roles eliminating the need to manually assign permissions when roles change
• Alerts users of updated Xrefs allowing them to incoporate the changes or not

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