Human Resources

People are your organisation’s most important asset

Building and retaining your team is the most important thing any business can do. From recruitment and hiring, to onboarding new hires, and then ongoing throughout the entire employee lifecycle, investing to efficiently and consistently manage and optimize this most important asset is money well spent.

Complying with security, health and labor regulations is a mandatory requirement, but the real goal is to build and retain the team that will enable the business to succeed and grow.

Visibility and Control

Employee-related documentation is often scattered throughout the organisation, in email, in folders on shared network drives, and in other repositories or information silos. M-Files HR consolidates employee-related information in a central location, either in the cloud or on-premises, providing visibility, control and efficient processing of employee documents and records.

Compliance and Security

M-Files HR ensures employee records are secured and retained in accordance with government regulations and company policies, M-Files HR maintains a full version history and audit log for compliance support.Automatic permissions ensure that only authorized users have access to confidential employee documents and information. Permissions can be automatically controlled on an individual basis, or by pre-defined groups, including Active Directory support.

Efficiency and Automation

HR processes are often still manual, making them time-consuming and error prone. M-Files HR saves time and reduces errors and compliance risk by automating the management of HR documentation and related processes with easy to use templates, assignments and workflows with integrated notifications.

Configure and extend M-Files HR for your business

M-Files HR is built on a flexible platform that can be readily configured and adapted to any business. While M-Files HR will meet the needs of many businesses “out of the box,” it can also act as a template that can be readily configured and adapted to support existing company naming conventions, document and information types, processes and systems.

M-Files HR isn’t only a point solution. It’s based on the M-Files Intelligent Information Management platform that offers the potential of increased ROI by applying the platform to the management of other company documents, information and processes, including contract and case management, accounting and invoice processing and quality and compliance support.

On-Demand Demo – Streamlining HR Processes

M-Files HR Supports the Entire Employee Lifecycle

  • Hiring – Manage and process job descriptions, resumes and pre-hire testing documents.
  • Onboarding – Assign and track employee orientation and onboarding information and status.
  • Performance Appraisal – Simplify the management of annual performance reviews.
  • Training and Development – Manage and track professional development and certifications.
  • Records Management – Manage and retain employee records with a full audit log and version history.

Connect to existing HR management systems

M-Files HR can be integrated with existing HRMS and HRIS systems, such as Workday, PeopleSoft and others, even custom systems and databases developed in-house. M-Files HR is built on an architecture designed to easily connect with other systems and databases to provide an “in context” 360° view of documents and other information right when they’re needed.